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Aussie Champions Crowned in NKL Grand Final!
Makin' Sand Castles with Andre Phillip
NKL Grand Final On The Horizon
Kitesurfing Digest #28
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Retired President Barack Obama goes Kitesurfing
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Work at Kitepower
Nick 'The Joker' Jacobsen WINS Red Bull King of the Air
Top Victorian Kiters Land Spot in NKL Final
New Safety Rules Mandate Impact Vests for King of the Air
Victorian Kiteboarders Ramp Up For NKL in Melbourne
Top NSW Kiteboarders Crowned After NKL Round 4 In Sydney
Kiteboarding on a Bright Pink Lagoon - Kea Janssen
Naish Pro's Wont Compete in the King Of The Air
Sydney Has Eyes On The Sky For Rnd 4 Of NKL
Aaron Hadlows View on the Future of Extreme Kiteboarding
5 Tricks for Beginners with J Kelsick
Sam Light on Freestyle Surfboards and Foils.
No Caught Edges or Questionable Grabs from This Chick!
Kitesurfing Digest - 6 Jan 2017
Testing 2018 Naish Kites - In 2016!
Ruben Lenten is back with Code Red - Megaloop Practice
Get Outside! Katie Potter Told You To!
Euro foilers Dominate Lighthouse to Leighton
NZ Kiteboarders Put Head On Aussies in NKL Round 3
The Dirty Loop. Board-Off Mega Loop by Graham Howes.
NZ's Top Kiteboarders Gear Up for Round 3 of NKL!
Kitesurfing Instructor Wanted: Lancelin, WA
Kitesurfing Digest - 6 Dec 2016

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Pkr Club Championship Round 9
Pkr Club Championship Round 10 Final
Iko Assistant Instructor Training
Kiteboarding Instructor Course