PayPal Scammers - read how they work it...

Every so often, a PayPal scammer attacks the Buy & Sell looking to get funds out of people.

Read on to see how the scam plays out...

Date: 6 February 2011 10:07:23 PM AEDT
From: <<paypal scammer>>
To: <<seabreeze buy & sell lister>>
Subject: Re: Your item for sale

Is the item still for sale?

Date: 7 February 2011 12:07:23 PM AEDT
From: <<paypal scammer>>
To: <<seabreeze buy & sell lister>>
Subject: Re: Your item for sale

Thanks for the swift response am ok with the listed price as i will
like to buy the item now and due to the nature of my job and
location...i will not be able to come for inspection,am a very busy
type as i work long hours everyday,i have gone through your
advertisement and i am satisfied with it.As for the payment..i can
only pay via the fastest and secure way to pay online(PayPal) here.I
have a private courier agent that will come for the pick up after the
payment have been made no shipping included.You can now send me
your PayPal email so i can pay in right away and also include your
address and your final asking price in your reply.If you don't have a
paypal account, you can easily set up one..

Date: 7 February 2011 3:55:01 PM AEDT
From: <<paypal scammer>>
To: <<seabreeze buy & sell lister>>
Subject: Re: Your item for sale

I was just about to make the payment when i had this little problem
with the picking up of the car,I got an email from my agent...he said
he won't come for the pick up unless i pay him the agent commission
fee first in order to be able to schedule suitable pick up date and
time as have said earlier that i dont have access to my bank account
online as i dont have internet banking and they dont accept paypal
payment i will like you to help me in sending the agent fee to their
headquater and my pick up agent Headquarters is in the United Kingdom
and all commission payments made for pick up from anywhere in the
world is sent to their Headquarters in the Uk and the only form of
payments they accept is western union money transfer and i tried to
pay online ( but it requires a credit card to
make the transfer online which i don't have access to and there is no
post office on sea.(there is usually a western union section in most
post offices).So now i will include the $450 they charged to pick it
up and take it home(1st class treatment)to the payments i will send
through paypal.After receiving the confirmation email from PayPal
after i have made the payments, i will need you to help me send the
$450 to my pick up agent through western union money transfer.The
western union money transfer can be made at a post office or online at will be making the payments shortly and will
email you as soon as am done

Date: 7 February 2011 4:12:46 PM AEDT
From: <<paypal scammer>>
To: <<seabreeze buy & sell lister>>
Subject: Re: Your item for sale

I have just made the payments now and i expect paypal to have emailed
by now,check your paypal email address if you have been messaged yet,
i sent $1,300 in all, paypal said they would be holding the funds
because of the excess payments of $450 added meant for pick up
commission fee and due to the fact that i emailed them about the
excess payment i made, until they get the western union information
from you,this is being delivered to my Dad in Australia, i will need you to
send the $450 to my pick up agent Headquarters via western union money
transfer(this can be done from the post office, as they usually have a
western union agent there) or do it via western union online for a
speedy transaction, i added extra $100 to cover the western union
charges which shouldn't be more that $60-80 but just to be sure i
added $100, Here is my pick up agent Headquarter info needed to get
the money sent through western union money transfer:
                                 Name: ************
                                20 Mxxxxx Road
                                Upper Clapton Hackney
                                Country: United Kingdom
                                Zip Code : E5 0PL

Please kindly email the necessary details to paypal :the mtcn which
you will be given at the western union after the $450 has been sent as
well as the sender's name and address used to send the money through
western union, so that i can forward it to paypal or better still you
can email it to paypal directly,that is fine with me as well for the
money i sent to be credited into your account after they might have
receive the information they needed to release the whole money in your
account. I will need your address where it  will be picked up,and my
pickup agent will contact you after they have received the payments in
order to book a time for the pick up to be done.