Progress your kiting with an Intermediate Lesson

Today's new trick is?

Kiting used to be an extreme sport and attracted a certain type of individual. Every non-kiter I knew could quickly call up stories of people being hurled over 9 storey buildings and thrown into a park.

Today however we enjoy stable kites, endless de-power and there's generally people around to give a hand if your session doesn't go so well.

So in the interest of keeping the extreme sport flame alive and loving that feeling when you nail that new move why not extend yourself.

Be proud of your sport and what you're part of.   Invest a hundred bucks getting an intermediate lesson or a Progression dvd so you can spend less time mowing the lawn and nail those back rolls / deadman's / butterslides or whatever move you've watched someone else pull off and said "WOW!"

Dedicating 30 minutes during each session trying "today's trick" you'll see your repertoire grow exponentially and you'll be stoking that inner glow!

Visit any of the many Kitesurfing stores to tee up your next lesson