Safe Kiting Guidelines

Kitesurfing can be safe as houses if you keep your wits about you.

The Kiting Associations of Australia have put together the CLEAR system to help you remember what's important.


    * Wind strength
    * Wind direction
    * Always keep downwind area well clear
    * Waves, tides & currents
    * Consider possible changes


    * Before you launch, land, jump, jibe, etc


    * Always pre-flight check
    * Use a kite leash (not a board leash!)
    * Use a quick release on anything you hook into
    * Practise using your safety systems regularly so that it becomes instinctive
    * Never exceed manufacturers specifications


    * Always seek and listen to local advice
    * Don't exceed your limitations
    * Use judgement to prevent situations, not rely on skill to try and get out of it


    * Others - be considerate and courteous to all other water and beach users
    * The law
    * Fellow kiters - follow right of way rules
    * The environment