Wave Riding Tips by Ben Wilson - Part 3

In this article we will cover 2 advanced kitesurfing moves plus some survival tips when it all goes wrong.

This is part 3 of the Ben Wilson instructional series which provide simple lessons and how-to's on kitesurfing in the waves.

Lets start with the the forehand SNAP. This is a surf based turn which feels as good as it looks.
The turn is done in the pocket of the wave and is not as vertical as the Re entry.

 Snap 1    
  1 Go hard off the bottom
2 Aim to hit the lip or just under it if its not broken yet.
3 Jam your back foot down hard
4 SNAP the nose of your board back down the wave. - hence the name
5 Keep your weight forward as you come down but be carefull not to nose dive the board

Kite Position - Keep the kite low and have it travelling in the same dirction as the wave.

Style tip - Don't watch your spray - it looks like a pose and you have better things to focus on like the next turn!

The second move we will cover is the RE Entry. This is similiar to the SNAP except that it is much more of a pivot turn and is more vertical.

To explain this more check out the actual section from SMACK. This is just one of 25 segments just on moves. The movie has over 60 different segments. 

Survival Tips

Riding in the surf will certailnly mean you will crash your kite. Here are some pointers to minimize the ordeal.

If you wipe out try to keep your kite flying in the air.

If your kite is in the water try and relaunch the kite before it gets hit by a broken wave. The hybrid kite s such as the REV do relaunch really really well and mean you can get up and going again.

A good kite will still relaunch even after it has been smashed by a wave or two but sometimes they get so tumbled that they wont relaunch.

If your kite is down and about to be hit by a broken wave unhook and  try to hang on to the bar - this will mean that your kite will drag you you in and result in less tangeld lines when you hit the beach.

However let go of the bar if there is too much pressure from the force of the wave - this will minimize your chances of  damaging your kite.

In bigger more powerful surf detach your safety * to avoid being dragged under by your kite - I have nearly drowned after being pulled backwards underwater  for about 100meters by a big broken wave.

 *please consider your surrounding beach conditions - I am not saying let your kite go and wash in across a crowded beach.

If you are out behind the break and can't relaunch you will have to do a self rescue - deflate and roll your kite up - and paddle back in . ( Don;t forget to close the valves so the kite doesn't fill up with water.

Always try and stay with your kiteboard... it provides your safest way out of  bad situations.

Remember always put your own safety ahead of trying to save your gear - you can always buy another kite !

All these tips and more are covered in SMACK available now