A Map of the Kite Spots in South East Queensland

Queensland has a lot of coastline to explore, and with the season running from now (October) to March, there's have plenty of time to get out there and find your own uncrowded spot. But where do you look?

Seabreeze.com.au Community member AquaPlow has put together an interactive map using Google Maps, with kite spots from Bundaberg to Burleigh Heads listed, ranked and described. The colour coding identifies whether the spot if suitable for beginners (green), ideal for intermediates (yellow) or not advisable (red), and most of the locations even list the wind directions which deliver great kiting conditions.

The map also has listed all of the patrolled sections of the beaches on the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, which are of course no-go zones for kiteboarding. There's downwinder routes indicating which direction to ride, and even all the kite shops in SE QLD marked!

Is your favourite kiteboarding location listed? Get in there and have a look for kitesurfing spots in QLD, try and ride them all!

Kitesurfing Locations in QLD