Kevin Langeree Slashes Way to Podium

Langaree slashing away on Naish
Langaree slashing away on Naish

Traditionally known for his big air antics, Kevin has been a low-key threat at any wave contest he enters, having won the event in 2015. For 2019, Kevin went to Cape Hatteras with little expectations, but with a looming hurricane off the east coast of the United States, excitement started to buzz.

"This year I went in pretty blank because I've been riding my twin tip mostly and not really my wave board. But when I do compete I want to win of course. That's in my DNA," said Kevin. "The conditions were all time. When I jumped on the plane I checked the forecast for one last time and I saw that a hurricane came straight for us…. When the days passed by the hurricane veered off to sea, which was the best thing that could have happened. The hurricane created some amazing waves! The wind was 30 knots and side shore form the left. So as good as it gets!"

In the contest Kevin was one of the only competitors riding with straps, which is a constant debate amongst kitesurfers. Riding with straps had been on Kevin's mind for some time and with a little reassurance opted to ride a strapped Global 5'7" . "I had it in my mind for quite some time. Davy Blair on the mic motivated me to do it starting with the first heat. I right away had so much fun riding this setup that the 15 minute heats felt way too short," said Kevin.

For the contest Kevin brought a selection of Pivots and Slashes but with the conditions on hand opted to ride with the 2020 Slash . "I can jump big and ride waves on the Pivot so that's flipping awesome. When I do ride smaller sizes like a 7 and 5 m I use the Slash cause they drift just a little better which is great for wave riding," explained Kevin.

With this setup and conditions on offer Kevin was able to take a much more unique approach in the contest and put together heat after heat of impressive turns, off-lip-aerials and even a couple barrels to make his way to the finals where he would eventually finish in third place behind Cape Hatteras local Reider Decker in first and Keahi de Aboitz in second.

Photo Credit: Eric Wojciechowski