Kiteboarding Australia - "We Take Safety to the Extreme"

Kiteboarding Australia - Taking Safety To The Extreme
Kiteboarding Australia - Taking Safety To The Extreme

Over the last six months the board of Kiteboarding Australia (KA) have reviewed their position and strategies relating to safety, marketing and communications. The purpose of Kiteboarding Australia is to maximise the safe development and growth of the sport in Australia. Kiteboarding is well placed and anticipates a number of exciting years ahead. The sport is growing, membership numbers are steadily increasing, there are record entries across Wave and Freestyle events across Australia, and Kitefoiling was recently announced as an Olympic Sport in 2024. Kiteboarding is an exciting, adrenalin pumping, extreme sport but like any extreme sports there are risks. This is why Kiteboarding Australia takes safety extremely seriously and this is reflected in the organisation's new communications platform summarised by the end line " We Take Safety to the Extreme ". Kiteboarding Australia will remain focused on putting these words into action.

  • KA has negotiated the best insurance for kiters for personal injury and third-party liability.
  • KA has developed a robust Instructor Training program to ensure instructors are giving newcomers the very best tuition.
  • KA works with Kiteboarding Schools to ensure the very best safety practices and risk management practices are in place.
  • KA is working with local councils at popular beaches to install beach signage and develop programs promoting beach safety.
  • KA is developing a Kiters Rescue standard to up skill kiteboarders on how to undertake water rescues for both kiteboarders and the general public.
In the first week of summer and on the final day of Water Safety Week in Victoria it is important to remind the whole community of the importance of staying safe on the water. Rhys Higham the Chairman of Kiteboarding Australia commented " We believe that Kiteboarding Australia plays an important role in the development of our great sport. The new communications, website and our plans increase our commitment to the safe development of our sport - because "We Take Safety to the Extreme". General Information Kiteboarding Australia is the leading body for kiteboarding in the country. KA headquarters are in Melbourne and has State bodies in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland. Kiteboarding Australia runs State and National events for the Wave, Freestyle, Big Air and Racing disciplines of kiteboarding. The organisation is overseen by a board of volunteer directors and is led by General Manager - Declan McCarthy.