Restore Kitesurfing Access to Noosa's Open Beaches

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Recent changes to local laws have inadvertently restricted kitesurfing access to a number of locations along Noosa's Open beaches between Sunshine Beach and Peregian Beach. This is due to Council including kitesurfing in the same category as powered vessels such as boats and jetskis.

This petition is to restore access by requesting that Noosa Council reclassify kitesurfing as a surf craft such as a surfboard, stand up paddle board etc as per AMSA (Australian Marine Safety Authority) classification.

Kitesurfing is an iconic local sport that began in Australia in the late 90's with Noosa being one of the first regions to adopt the sport. Kitesurfers who frequent the open beaches in this area are experienced and have operated without incident for the past 20 years. The community therefore requests that they be provided with the same access as in the past.

Kitesurfers, like surfboard riders and wave ski riders will still be required to remain outside the chequered flags on all open beaches, however they would like the same access and right of way that all other board sports currently have in these areas.

This reclassification will only apply to the open beaches between Sunshine and Peregian Beach, not Noosa Main beach or the current Surfing Reserve at Noosa Points where kitesurfing will remain prohibited.

The kitesurfing community is currently in consultation with the Noosa council Local Laws Dept who have advised that there is a clear path to amending the local law to restore past access, we just need your support to speed this process up and ensure that councillors vote in our favour to pass this recommendation.

This area is a world renown location for downwind kitesurfing and attracts tourist from all over the world to the Noosa region. Many kitesurfers have moved to the area just to take advantage of this pristine piece of kitesurfing paradise. Please help the local kitesurfing community regain the same right of access they have had for over 20 years, just the same as any other surf craft (surfboards, kayaks, waveskies etc) by signing this petition.