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Advice on board and foil size

Created by Kraut > 9 months ago, 14 Nov 2020
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14 Nov 2020 5:07AM
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Hi All,

I am looking for direction as to whether a 140cm, 35-ish litre board, coupled with a 1200ish foil would be a good starting point as one fits all set up to

- still do the odd low wind tiny kite kiting (cruising at low speed, bit of strapless zig zagging, perhaps even catching some tiny waves but lesser of a priority)
- get into wind dinging (not limited to downwind trips)

Also, I what mast size would be best for this set up? No intention to prone paddle surf so probably standard 90cm?

I am 70kg and have done foiling strapless up to regular riding including gybes but without getting to tacks. Prefer a small board but would like to just have one set up allowing me all the above (with the limitations this would come with).
Also, will a 4m wingding be ok? Seems this is the most common size and for a 176cm short person perhaps easier to handle?


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16 Nov 2020 7:28AM
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Gday Kraut..
Tricky.. Not sure on how powerful wingding kit is.
The scope and especially size range has grown massively 5-8 m not unusual...
Suggest posting in SUP foiling forum.. A number of really knowledgeable posters..
The key to windwing is getting up on the board when u have a sinker.. I plan to start with 110 to 120 litres.. Have kept SS i76 (1550 cms2) to have crack with WW.. They are excellent in gusty conditions when kite would be really tricky..
Have fun..


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