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First purchase

Created by Falco A week ago, 5 Nov 2018
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5 Nov 2018 4:25AM
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Probably been asked before But 2 questions, 1 what's a good setup to learn on to make progression smoother and is there a setup you can get that you can maybe change a wing to use for surfing as well?

VIC, 2588 posts
5 Nov 2018 8:05AM
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There are heaps of quality foils to choose from that offer a range of wing options.
Some even have deals on getting a foil with more than one wing.
and more than one size mast.
but as a beginner think of the first stages of learning where ?? ing with board on water and building carefully upto speed to lift means a wing that won't over lift you.
Then of course your choice of foiling styles to pursue. Are you a speed freak or slow geriatric.

QLD, 247 posts
5 Nov 2018 7:22AM
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Plenty of great options out there.
I used the slingshot graduated mast program.
Small steps made learning mire manageable.
The great thing about the Slingshot
set up is that it is interchangeable with there entire wing range, from prone surfing to higher speed foiling.
Use the foil academy to get up to speed.
It's a step learning curve but well Wirth it.

WA, 227 posts
5 Nov 2018 5:34AM
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+ 1 for the Slingshot system. As Grant mentions above, they have the graduated mast lengths which I found invaluable for learning, but also, they are strong and can take the knocks dished out by beginners. The wing options are a huge bonus meaning you don't have to buy a whole new set up to try other styles of foiling.

There are plenty of options out there for learning though. Axis, Naish, Zeeko, LF, Cabrinha all do systems with shorter masts and various wing options. You will have fun on all of them.

QLD, 1624 posts
5 Nov 2018 8:02AM
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2 options are a standout for me. First is slingshot- you can change the wings over and have the flight school. However if you paying new prices, it's going to get expensive.
Secondly is Konrad. Great wing and has the 3 size masts included in the price.
The wing is fantastic and I haven't needed to upgrade.

Bothe brands are awsome some and iv be using both for almost 12 months. you can't go wrong with ether.

Also, Konrad is Australian owned!!!

WA, 595 posts
6 Nov 2018 5:39PM
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Hi Falco,

The easiest is possibly the Duotone/North Speedster. The longer fuse makes the pitch more mellow and easier to learn. The wing set is good but has a top speed of around 20 knots. North also have a 60cm mast for learning. You can buy the upgrade GT wingset to give higher top speed of around 25knots.

Slingshot have a really good program in the Foil Academy, their foils are very good and the graduated masts make learning safe and easy. The amazing assortment of wings makes them a foil you wont grow out of any time soon. They have a great range of boards too.

The SHinn is probably best for $$$, the P foil is a beast and easy to learn but you will outgrow it quickly and need to purchase the F wing soon after.

Moses do awesome foils but their cost is higher than most are willing to spend on learning kit. They also have amazing wings but due to the cost of carbon masts the wing and masts make it expensive, but worth it if you have the cash to spare.


NSW, 979 posts
7 Nov 2018 5:37AM
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I would go Slingshot or Naish.

Both have a graduated mast system for learning.

Both have multiple wing sets for flat water or surf that work with the same fuselage.

Both have a big variety of boards for flat water, surf, prone surf, SUP.

QLD, 3470 posts
7 Nov 2018 10:59AM
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Sounds like the Axis S-series will suit you -- multiple wing options and graduated masts, although IMO you only need one mast size. 680 wing seems like a good size for learning, and you can surf it too. Then if you want maximum glide, get a bigger wing...

WA, 389 posts
8 Nov 2018 8:50AM
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After trying most of them, here is my top 3:

1. Zeeko Blaster
2. F-one IC6 (this year model as last year's design was a flop)
3. Axis S

WA, 6665 posts
8 Nov 2018 1:03PM
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WA, 36 posts
Saturday , 10 Nov 2018 9:23AM
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+1 for what eppo said
I started late last season and tried the shinn, zeeko and a smaller Axis and this season have the axis with 680 wing and it is so much easier , a lot more stable and just easier to get on with , have managed toeside in both directions and a couple gybes in my first few sessions this season on it , just really stable .

The other great part is the wings are interchangeable and there are plenty of options to go bigger or smaller as you progress or want to sup / prone surf foil as well and use the same mast and fuselage .
And its shiny red , see Jason at West Oz

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Saturday , 10 Nov 2018 6:28PM
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Okay you talked me into axis s series. Watch this space

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Saturday , 10 Nov 2018 6:33PM
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Okay you talked me into axis s series, looks pretty and like the flexibility it offers for multiple disciplines, now just to find a hidey hole to keep it out of the wife's scope hahaha ??

WA, 249 posts
Tuesday , 13 Nov 2018 6:48PM
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Just a word of caution - very few can get first runs on the first session and fully foil on third sessions. You can possibly suck at it like me - about 15 sessions on hard to learn foil and ZERO progress, followed by 25 or so sessions on 'easy' foil before it clicked. 6 sessions later I can only go straight - no toeside, no turns.

But the feeling is amazing once you go and you can go kiting so much more!!!

Just don't expect too much to start with - better pleasantly surprised than angry and frustrated


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