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Replacement bridle for 15m sonic race

Created by ridgeydidge123 6 months ago, 21 Mar 2021
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21 Mar 2021 8:39AM
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Hi guys,
I've managed to break one of the minor bridle lines on my 15M sonic race (not the VMG). What are my options in Aus for support/advice/purchasing replacement?

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23 Mar 2021 1:46AM
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Hi ridgeydidge.
Although I'm a Flysurfer dealer I can't carry lines for all the kites.
Your best and quickest option is to go direct to Flysurfer at and order the line/s you need from there. They make up lines for all their kites, both current and discontinued models, and the postage won't be much for such a small lightweight item.

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24 Mar 2021 6:56AM
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Can vouch for svs.. Just ordered 2 lines for p4 bridle. Fedex in under a week ex Germany..
JIC map out process it is sequential and fiddly rate at the 750 piece jigsaw puzzle level


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"Replacement bridle for 15m sonic race" started by ridgeydidge123