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Spitfire XXLW

Created by bigtone667 5 months ago, 10 Jun 2018
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6 Jul 2018 6:58PM
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WOW! thats a lot of different sets of tracks.

I'm guessing this board can also be used for Stand up paddle surfing as well?

VIC, 2588 posts
7 Jul 2018 9:33AM
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That's Nicolas' Test board and yes it's used for Sup.
the feeling is that the new XXLW Spitfire is fun on all styles of foiling and makes it possible to use only one foil across all.
for Windfoil his comments in regards to normal Windfoil, "slower but easy".

VIC, 2588 posts
23 Jul 2018 8:01AM
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70 cm masts for XXLW Spitfire are ready.

VIC, 2588 posts
28 Oct 2018 10:23AM
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First time out on the XXLW attached to my Pocket Air board via 90cm Windfoil mast.
firstly the Windfoil type mount plate is primarily set for 90mm centred tracks with a slight kink in slots to allow fitting to the 85mm spacing of the insert boards. For Zeeko kiteboards this means the stepped nylon washer/bush has to be left out and a nylon washer used, as without the extra nylon washer the bolts bottom out before fully tightened.
next, the XXLW wings are thicker and use some different screws to the std Spitfire wings. The front wing uses 30mm long screws Vs 25mm on std.
this gives adequate depth of thread engagement.
on rear wing the end 20mm screw of Std wing is replaced by 25mm as per the rest.
fuselage and mast are same but the kitefoil mount plates of Std Spitfire are loctited on at factory so attempting to remove can be technical.

The bigger wings are heavier which you notice when carrying it. You also notice the extra drag and weight when manoeuvring it in water for water starts.
I went out on a gusty west wing at Shallow inlet, avg 20-25kts with some bullets and zero knots holes.
8m Notus Air on 28m lines.
(yes I was desperate to try it)

Leading up to first takeoff I was thinking about controlling the extra lift and visualised being launched into oblivion. A gust pull in on bar and up on board. Back off bar and get settled on board. Then get ready for lift. Then realised I was already foiling and had been since first forward movement it seemed.
the takeoff was and continued to be soft gentle and almost instant upon forward movements.
the down side of this was stopping. On Std Spitfire you Brough kite up, slowed and dropped neatly down. The XXLW won't drop down till you cease any noticeable forward motion.
something I had to get my head around.
Carving; the rear foot bias carving is magnified to the point where you can feel so close to that short board surfboard feel its uncanny.
you stomp on rear and either pivot or carve.
I wasn't in waves but tried pretending constant bottom top turns as if on say a 3' swell.
on RH tack it just felt great. On my left tack I had to be less tight. But carving to toeside on left tack was sweet. Especially given that my kite control during turns needs work (ok a lot of work).
carving from right tack to toeside on flat water has my brain bluffed still.

I use two straps and these were not changed at all.

I even used the wind holes to try pumping (first time) pumping with front foot bias was like stomping on concrete but seemed to get best results if pumping with even foot pressure. This way felt like I could keep going but maybe not, who knows?
going along with kite going spazzo in the wind the foil felt like a solid platform and not once during the 1.5hrs on water did it buck me off.
I did fall off plenty but mainly trying to push my newfound toeside riding ability.
Compared to Std Spitfire it's slow. Real slow. Did I just say Slow.
so life on foil just moves in slow motion. So slow those with Alzheimer's will forget starting the run. Or if they shimmed on not.

i can't wait to get some swell to try it in.
Or even use it on Sup or Surfboard as it was designed to do.

VIC, 2588 posts
3 Nov 2018 10:31AM
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If anyone is down Shallow Inlet way these next few days, and would like to try the XXLW?
I'll be around.


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