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Adding straps to a surfboard

Created by Gazuki 6 months ago, 18 Mar 2020
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18 Mar 2020 12:21PM
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Well, winter is upon us and soon there will be big gusty choppy conditions. Therefore I was wanting a surfboard with straps. Being a tightass I don't really want to buy another board or stick-on pads because I will only use it a couple of times. However, I do have heaps of old surfboards laying around, one little guy that I thought about installing some straps too.

So, my idea is to drill some big holes, fill the holes with some kind of resin/glue and then text screw some old straps into the glue/resin. Do you think this would work? Any better ideas that don't cost more than $50?

VIC, 130 posts
18 Mar 2020 5:14PM
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We us US strap inserts which are brass/plastic Normally install 8of can be single /double triple , Rang from $3 to $5.10 Plus post For my own boards if use ?I go for 8x single inserts Also have nice straps which I sell and use for $50 for pair

QLD, 458 posts
18 Mar 2020 5:55PM
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These work well as a cheap and simple option for disposable boards

SA, 207 posts
18 Mar 2020 6:26PM
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Self adhesive velcro. Stick some strips on to form biggish pads, do the same to the bottom of some old twintip bindings and away you go.
Removable, adjustable.

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19 Mar 2020 3:25PM
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25 years ago, I stitched the male part part of the Velcro to the bottom of some old shoes and glued the female to my surfboard.

I surfed it- one chance to get my feet in the right place during take off then locked in. no chance to move them. Good and bad, rad to land 720 airs but also getting slammed cos I couldn't move my feet. I surfed 6 times on the Velcro before ripping it off and using wax again. Haven't done a 720 since.

fresh wax and waxing the top of my feet works.

(I wax the top of my feet so I can rub the souls of my feet on them in the water)

NSW, 161 posts
20 Mar 2020 2:13PM
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Hey Gaz, I use the Smook option. Cheap , super strong and easy to insert into your board. Can't go wrong with them. If you're still using Preds then I put them on the right side of the stringer cause I'm a natural footer. Cheers.

Mark _australia
WA, 19971 posts
20 Mar 2020 5:56PM
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ebay if you can wait for china post, 5 x 5 hole inserts same as Chinook ones, for a few bucks. ie: works out to about $1 each

NSW, 290 posts
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21 Mar 2020 12:38PM
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Ha the good old seabreeze image rotator is still functioning!
These are NSI Padz, they have 5mm brass inserts built into the pad and accept 2 screws per strap end. I've been using them for years on all of my surfboards.
Check them out here

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21 Mar 2020 8:52PM
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Yes the NSI peel and stick are nice, I have a full Monty pad, great to be able to slap some straps on when you need them.


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