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Best Spot for a Newbie!

Created by CheekyCrab > 9 months ago, 14 May 2018
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14 May 2018 8:08PM
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So Kitesurfing has been on my list for ages. Unfortunately, I live in Dubai, so taking lessons here cost a small fortune. Now I'm planning to take my lessons in November/December in Asia (I mean in far east Asia), where it's cheaper and make a holiday out of it. I found alot of blogs online, and was overwhelmed to be honest. I'm looking for the following:
1- Somewhere cheap for lessons and spending (I assume this rules out China, Twain & South Korea)
2- Safe (solo female traveler friendly)
3- Fun, since I am travelling solo, would be nice to have other things to do when not kitesurfing.
I have already visited Sri Lanka and Thailand, so would be nice if there were other suggestions. Thanks!


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"Best Spot for a Newbie!" started by CheekyCrab