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How long do you last?

Created by Tinktinkie Friday, 11 Jan 2019
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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 12:16PM
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I'm in my third season in Perth and usually my sessions on the twinnie would go not much longer than 90 minutes (with a fair bit of jumping). I can stretch it to 2 hours if I switch to the surfboard halfway through. After that I'm stuffed.

I saw someone talking about kiting for 6 hours on a day on one of the other threads, so am wondering how long most people are going for and what you are doing to stretch a session.....

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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 1:00PM
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Yeah it's interesting how tiring kiting is considering you just kind of stand there.
I been doing 3 hour sesh here in Vietnam sometimes a bit more maybe a break than another hr (if it's good) and iam done for the day.
I try and stretch everyday for me personally it helps.
I've noticed if the wind is purrfect wind range for the kite ham using I'm almost relaxed and don't get fatigue or feel it the next day.
Other day I had a underpowered sesh that required a lot of stroking it, the next day I could barely walk.

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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 1:05PM
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Yeah depends on your technique. If you are edging and stroking it hard you won't last. Keeping the heart rate down also helps with stamina. Remember to replace those electrolytes.

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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 5:31PM
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I have head of a guy that to some is known as 'BT'
His average session is 50 to 60ks distance 4 to 5 days a week rain, hail or shine in 8 to 40kn wind.

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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 2:38PM
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If you are jumping like a complete maniac on every tack 90 minutes is probably good.
I doubt many people can go completely apesh!t for 6 hours straight.

As you get more experienced you will use less effort, and probably be more selective with your jumps, and other "maniac like activities".

i.e. Only jumping when you are doing warp speed, have a perfect kicker, on a gust, and the water is blue enough. vs New guy who is SO excited and jumps every time he sees more than 4mm of chop

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Friday , 11 Jan 2019 6:15PM
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3-4hrs usually.... start off with some surfing then into some freestyle backrolls handrags ariel transitions etc then into a boosting sesh for an hr or boosting if the wind has nice pull on the way back out to find another wave...and by the 3rd to 4th hr you notice you may be getting lazy /tired or complacent and start to make mistakes so then its time to pull the pin if your smart.
We have 3 nice areas within 300m surf...flat water...and tidal entrance with sand bars so it keeps the enthusiasm and stoke high.
You need 1-2 litre bottle of water to feel hydrated over that period....have a good drink before you start and halfway through while changing boards you may drink a litre.

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Saturday , 12 Jan 2019 1:14PM
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I typically kite between 1 and 2 hours. But that is due to family life and time limitations.

Unless I'm busing 35 knot storm riding and boosting to the moon I can ride for hours and hours.

I once did a 24 hr landboarding in a 25 - 35 knot storm. That was bat**** crazy. I had 5 hours downtime in the 24. So 19 hours ridden.

My other sport is mountain biking, which I have been doing for 24years. That sport requires way more endurance than kiting So I guess my legs are strong as hell before I started kiting. Nothing kiting throws at me can wear my legs out.

But kiting builds the abs. So if I haven't kited my my pissweak abs let me down.

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Saturday , 12 Jan 2019 6:39PM
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All week, we have little choice up here

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Saturday , 13 Jan 2019 12:26AM
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If you're not out til you're spent
You're a total fag
If you're spent in an hour or two
You're a total fag
If you kite to the conditions and that's an hour or two
Then that's OK..... fag

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Sunday , 13 Jan 2019 7:12AM
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I qualify for all the criteria above...

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Sunday , 13 Jan 2019 9:25AM
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cauncy said..
All week, we have little choice up here

Damn I need to get back to Gero. Drove up the Sunshine coast from Brisbane yesterday, 3 hours looking for some wind only to get a swim. My fault for buying a new kite for Christmas ??


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