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Quobba Fins in KITESURFING

Created by freeskiing > 9 months ago, 9 Jul 2019
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9 Jul 2019 4:35AM
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interesting to say airton cozzolino was using them on his duotone during the cabe verde wave competition

WA, 26 posts
9 Jul 2019 6:41AM
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I'm not suprised. I've had them for a while now and there great fins.

NSW, 41 posts
9 Jul 2019 9:32AM
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yep agree, Iv had them for over a year now, love them, can totally change the feel of a board.

WA, 1214 posts
9 Jul 2019 12:25PM
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Yep airton, matchu and Carew are all using them 100% in the waves and Mitu has asked for a few sets which he now has also. Also a couple of the other duotone pro guys on them also. They have been getting insane feedback- large is available now also- large only came to market a couple months ago, first shipment sold out , but more stock available now. It's all I've ridden for last 2 years and been testing them for last 4+ years.


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"Quobba Fins in KITESURFING" started by freeskiing