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Steps for re-attaching chicken loop in water- 5 line set up

Created by htbandit > 9 months ago, 10 Aug 2018
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10 Aug 2018 11:09PM
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I kite with older 5th line rebel.. and when I bow tie the kite around the 5th line, I release the chicken loop, the bar goes out, and the kite usually fixes it self and is no longer bow tied. To reconnect, I then pull the 5th line to get to the bar, re-attach the safety release, and I have lots of 5th line slack to deal with. My question involves how to deal with the slack, and when to re-attach the chicken loop to my spreader bar. Do I either a) reconnect chicken loop right away to spreader bar, feed out the 5th until are lines are taught and risk tangled hot launch or b) feed out the 5th line and only reconnect chicken loop to my spreader bar when i'm sure lines are not tangled around my bar or body.

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11 Aug 2018 8:08AM
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Hey mate,

Safety first:

you can run a stopper ball on your line to stop all the slack. Make your the balls distance is the length of your leading edge from the y so kite still flags. Make sure to test it on light wind day. And in the back yard without your kite attached.

Or stop being a fanny and don't pull your safety unless death is about to occur.


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