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Vintage Kite Collectors?

Created by ikiteley 1 month ago, 6 Sep 2021
QLD, 2 posts
6 Sep 2021 3:05PM
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Hi guys,

Does anybody know of any collectors of vintage kites that may be interested in a couple of kites recently passed on to me?
One is a Naish model that predates even C kites and has a huge bar with it. I am unsure of the model sorry but it has the original patent notification from the legaignoux brothers printed on it. It only has 2 lines and looks like one of those that was used to drag boards with the 'rider' lying down (I found a photo on a website).

The other is a Naish ARX 13.5m with bar that looks around the 2000 vintage but, amazingly, is still in reasonable condition.
I have no idea if either of these kites will still fly as I haven't got the balls to even try flying them!

They'd be free to go to a good home of an enthusiast in kite history or a vintage kite collector if such a thing exists yet.
Appreciate your collective thoughts (I anticipate a large number of age related jokes ).

WA, 8219 posts
6 Sep 2021 6:42PM
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Put on buy and sell as beginners set up
Much more entertaining than storing them in the loft

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7 Sep 2021 7:11PM
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Photos please


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