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What's with "beloved"?

Created by NorthernKitesAUS A week ago, 15 Mar 2019
QLD, 719 posts
15 Mar 2019 3:41PM
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I've noticed a lot of kites being sold with the word "beloved".

Beloved = "dearly loved : dear to the heart"

Isn't it also the word Prince used once

"Dearly beloved... we are gathered here today..."

VIC, 1503 posts
15 Mar 2019 10:00PM
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Low-ball those lousy poets - nobody tries to sell gear they really love (unless they've had an injury or other emergency that means all kiting/sport is out).

WA, 286 posts
16 Mar 2019 9:54AM
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Seen this too and had a chuckle myself. Two kites, one never flown, one flown twice, and they somehow 'beloved'???
More like 'one night stand' rather than something beloved

Not to mention 'off the charts price' for old generation kites...


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"What's with "beloved"?" started by NorthernKitesAUS