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What to wear under board short harness

Created by SavageCarrot > 9 months ago, 7 Oct 2018
NSW, 32 posts
7 Oct 2018 9:16AM
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Regarding Dakine Nitrous shorts, I'm wondering if anyone who has a pair recommends wearing compression shorts or wettie shorts underneath to avoid chaffing... or is it OK to just go commando because they don't rub.

I didn't really want to get half way through my first session with them and realize i had no skin left in the groin area.

QLD, 422 posts
7 Oct 2018 8:32AM
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Wetsuit shorts, very comfortable

WA, 1147 posts
7 Oct 2018 10:12AM
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Normally female underwear as your GAF! Bahahaha!!!

WA, 706 posts
7 Oct 2018 10:17AM
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Freebagging is the way of summer

NSW, 297 posts
7 Oct 2018 1:57PM
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^^^^^thats all good untill you get your nuts on the wrong side of the leg strap.....just before a megaboost ... lol

WA, 7862 posts
7 Oct 2018 12:54PM
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I've a tartan pair

love the feel of my sack swaying around in 30 knts
jumping poleys

89 posts
7 Oct 2018 3:26PM
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If not in a full wetsuit I use 2mm neoprene shorts under Nitrous shorts. Been using this style of harness for more than ten years.

QLD, 267 posts
7 Oct 2018 5:45PM
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Springy and tackle adjustment but still boardy harness my fav.

NSW, 148 posts
8 Oct 2018 6:31AM
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Shorty wetsuit for a bit of sun protection or wetsuit shorts

NSW, 32 posts
10 Oct 2018 7:13AM
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Just had my first session in the shorts... I decided to go commando for that free feeling, however I did the leg straps up tight enough so nothing would get caught up. I just love this harness so far. Super comfy from the word go and all my pieces are still in tact.

TAS, 1340 posts
11 Oct 2018 9:04PM
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If it's cold a wetty, if warm just a pair of boardies

WA, 335 posts
12 Oct 2018 10:15AM
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the truth
QLD, 187 posts
13 Oct 2018 1:28AM
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my go to is a mankini


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