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Looking for people to kite with

Created by SeekYourself > 9 months ago, 17 Aug 2020
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17 Aug 2020 10:16PM
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Hi All

I'm another newbie from Sydney, surfed like a 20-30 times in my life, including 1 week course in Brazil last year.

Was wondering if there is more people like me around that don't want to go alone considering they are newbies.. or just don't want to go alone.

If you down to it give me a shout

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27 Sep 2020 8:41AM
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Hey mate, I'm new to kiting and am looking for people to go with

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30 Sep 2020 11:47AM
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you guys should meet up at botany bay, plenty of other people learning there to hold hands with and get tangled with


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"Looking for people to kite with" started by SeekYourself