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Old kites

Created by kiteseeker > 9 months ago, 27 Jan 2019
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27 Jan 2019 7:44AM
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Does anyone have old kites that are too old or damaged and want to give them away, or sell at really cheap price please?? Can you let me know? I am drafting a project!

NSW, 1219 posts
28 Jan 2019 7:16PM
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yep where are you in nsw

NSW, 7 posts
11 Feb 2019 6:04PM
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I'm selling the following

$200 for the lot as is.

2006 Slingshot Turbo diesel 12m
- Kite, bar, bag
- Bladder has a leak and doesn't hold air. Probably needs replacing.
- Canvas still in pretty good shape given the age
- Bar / lines will need to be checked before being used
- Been in storage for 7 years

2007 Best Waroo 9m
- Kite, bar, bag, extra batons
- Leading edge bladder inflation valve has delaminated and needs repairing / replacement. The leading edge bladder might need inspection and replacement as I've not been able to check it due to the valve issue.
- All struts hold air - might be worthwhile having the bladders checked though.
- Canvas is in very good condition and still crisp given the age.
- Bar / lines will need to be checked before being used
- Been in storage for 7 years

WA, 668 posts
27 Jun 2019 7:06PM
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Whats the project? Wind socks? Hammocks? Casual sport jackets?

NSW, 3 posts
20 Sep 2019 6:03AM
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I've got some kites suitable for re-use (not flying). Message me if interested.

NSW, 43 posts
10 Oct 2019 8:05AM
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I've got a 12m Ozone Instinct, around 2006-2008....5 line in working condition but I wouldn't sell it because it's so old tech, terrible performance compared to new tech.
I was going to salvage the bladders and lines but if you need those I can leave them can have for nothing...pick up in Narraweena (near Dee Why).

QLD, 4005 posts
11 Oct 2019 10:43AM
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I have a 2003 Slingshot Fuel 17m free to a good home (if picked up / handed over in the Brisbane area). Haven't opened the bag in about 10 years though, there's a very good chance it's mouldy as hell. Will check next weekend when I get access to it. PM me if interested.


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