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Another reminder that frontal conditions aren't suitable for beginners

Created by cbulota 8 months ago, 30 Aug 2018
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30 Aug 2018 8:33AM
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See this video below. You can view this video even if you don't have a Facebook Account:

A good (graphic) reminder that frontal conditions aren't suitable for beginners.

When you're in any kind of trouble always use your safety system to flag out your kite right away...quick safety reflexes could save your life.

If you are using a board leash, get rid of it and learn to body drag upwind (the board leash seems unrelated to this guy's injuries).

That's a lucky escape and a great response to the accident from his friends.

Stay safe,


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31 Aug 2018 4:12PM
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Video gone, but we get the idea

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31 Aug 2018 8:23PM
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Strong blustery English weather with drizzle filmed from the shoreline a fair way back. A couple of kiters are making the best of sloppy conditions and a beginner settling in for a start in the shallows. Kite dives tentatively and then returns up with beginner still parked. A rather innocuous kite correction the other way and possibly a gust sends the beginner flying 10m downwind and landing hard in ankle deep water. Filmer colourfully expresses concern and runs in to help.

In normal conditions almost all of that scene would have been fine, but in strong, gusty conditions you can get belted super hard by the power generated even from a smaller kite.


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"Another reminder that frontal conditions aren't suitable for beginners" started by cbulota