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Few kitesurfing lessons for 12 yo near Frankston

Created by acteck19 22 days ago, 10 Feb 2024
VIC, 3 posts
10 Feb 2024 3:47PM
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My son has done 3 lessons and he is close to be ready for water starts
i am looking for kitesurfing lessons for him near Frankston
we have harness and helmet
everything else needs to be provided by trainer

Froth Goth
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11 Feb 2024 4:51AM
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Is there something wrong with going to gokite a bit to the south of frankston ? or maybe shq and kite republic more to the north ?

Im not from the area so im just curious.... or are you hopeing for there to be a school thats even closer?

Sometimes the local councils will only allow lessons to be conducted on certain areas / beaches so its not always possible for someone to operate a school on just any beach due to insurance and council reasons.

Good luck and once the lessons are all done and hes confident just remember to try to stick to going to locations with lots of other kiters where theyll be able to help out with decisions such as if its a good wind direction and strength and correct kite size for the conditions that day etc. It can be quite scary trying to go out on your own if your unsure about if its the right wind or itll blow you away never to be seen again


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"Few kitesurfing lessons for 12 yo near Frankston" started by acteck19