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Kitesurfing with short arms

Created by cbulota 1 month ago, 5 Sep 2021
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5 Sep 2021 11:27AM
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Hi all,

Just sharing our new blog article about kitesurfing with short arms.

Let us know your thoughts, personal experiences and feedback.

Christian - KiteBud

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7 Sep 2021 8:04AM
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I ended up pretty much going through all of that when teaching the kids.
Scouted around for an XXS Seat harness couldn't get them small enough here at the time found one in the US
Ben Wilson below the bar depower then later on the small Airush bar.
Didn't have the option for smaller chicken loops at the time so trimmed some back, was easy enough with the BW Bars.

WA, 8225 posts
7 Sep 2021 12:43PM
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I found it hard getting into kite surfing in the 1st place as I couldn't reach the kite on the shelf I wanted in the shop, also feel a bit ripped off as I didn't have to pay for a pump that I can't fully use,
Don't get me started on zipping up my wetsuit
Or wiping my arse

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7 Sep 2021 5:45PM
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I'm a bit T-Rex arms. Adjustable trim strap (height on the bar) was a useful crutch but in hindsight I should have just learned proper edging technique.

All your tips are useful Christian, but I think the stopper ball presents a problem without a kite with short sheeting range (the North Rebels for example were good because they had very on/off power) then you do tend to find the power overwhelming on the beach because you can't sheet out far enough - even though the power on the water is fine.

The unpopular advice would be to encourage an extra lesson to sort out that edging technique and show better kite control techniques - e.g. fly the kite low when very powered rather than high. Whilst you 'can' figure out all this stuff over time, I reckon I wasted so many sessions trying to figure it out because the kite schools seemed secretive over what was in their intermediate lessons so it wasn't clear what I would actually get out of the next stage.


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