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Safety Systems 101

Created by NorthernKitesAUS > 9 months ago, 10 Apr 2020
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10 Apr 2020 11:58AM
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Don't mean to suck eggs, but a refresher on safety systems is in order

Just saw yesterday a noob pulling his 3rd safety detachment and running after the kite. Arrghhh. Luckily no one hurt or any damage. Winds moderate and easily under 20knots.

Please watch... it's not hard.

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10 Apr 2020 12:42PM
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In deed, many face palming moments watching kiters handle tricky situations. Sadly it's not just beginners that are to blame, many ''experienced'' kiters don't know how to handle basic emergency situations like self-rescue, attaching the safety leash on the side or at the front instead of the back of the harness, or just not having the reflex to activate the chicken loop quick release in a tangle situation.

The thing is the majority of kiters got through some lessons and are perfectly aware of how the safety systems work (in theory). The problem is most often not due to lack of knowledge but lack of PRACTICE. As a thorough school, we re-train a lot of students who come to us from other schools and have never activated their chicken loop Quick Release while the kite was flying, never done a self-rescue, etc. which is completely unacceptable.

Schools/Instructors are to blame here. You can have a perfect understanding how everything works but if you haven't practised it in real-life scenarios DURING your lessons, there is high chance you won't have the correct reflexes AFTER your lessons are over.

The video above is good, but a bit incomplete (for example: no mention of the hook knife which is a vital part of safety systems). Here is our tutorial below:

Christian - KiteBud


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