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kite surfing front-side carve to snap turns

Created by mickeeH 8 months ago, 12 Feb 2021
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12 Feb 2021 12:13PM
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hi tipsters,
looking for some tips about how to progress my surfboard riding. I seem to be stuck with my progression on the top-turns i'm trying to snap hard at the end of the carve, but i can't get any snap or release. The surfboard just keeps tracking straight with my weight on front-foot but no back board movement.

Looking at some surfing videos, like this one

surfers make use of their arms and upper body movement to accentuate and initiate these turns.
But this is difficult in kitesurfing holdings onto the bar and hooked in. I guess i could try this more with my trailing arm off the bar.
If in kitesurfing the upper body stays more stiff, is it a case of changing the weight more on front/back foot? but then how do you turn/snap the board?
So looking for some tips on how to progress this aspect.


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13 Feb 2021 2:07PM
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board makes a big difference. try smaller fins, or a board which releases easier. something small and with a bigger tail generally speaking

then practice sliding the arse out of your board when you transition on flat water lots. shoudl be able to whip the tail out reliably, even ride backwards a bit, if you can do that you can do it on the wave, jsut gotta time it right

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13 Feb 2021 9:29PM
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And further to great advice from bf, drive hard with majority of weight on back foot both in your bottom turn and then through the carve until release

you'll have a few where you overcompensate and lose rail control with too much back foot weight, but once you find the back foot sweet spot, its a tough feeling to beat.

If from a non surf background which it sounds lik, google the difference between back foot and front foot surfers to understand the difference, and enjoy ??

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14 Feb 2021 10:01AM
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great thanks for the tips, i'll be giving that a try.
yes i don't have a surfing background so without taking up surfing, going to take more practice and move the bodyweight around more.
i guess that's also the difficulty in unstrapped riding, the easy part is ripping off the straps and mowing the lawn, but to actually ride like a surfer is alot harder


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"kite surfing front-side carve to snap turns" started by mickeeH