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Duotone team series textreme

Created by MagicKitKat 2 months ago, 26 Jul 2021
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26 Jul 2021 6:02PM
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Anyone has recommendations for the teamseries textreme, the country where I live does not have the SLS nor the hadlow in stock but only the 2020 textreme in 138 or 142.

I'm 80kg and like to do some big air and wake style (boots) , I currently ride an old gambler 139 but can't hold the edge properly on the chop when sending big.

My goal is to progress in wakestyle (handle pass) but also going big freestyle.

I'm not sure if I should go with the 138 or 142. 138 seems small but I'm worried to get my knee destroyed on some heavy landing with the 142.

Any advices? Thanks and cheers

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27 Jul 2021 6:59AM
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Hey mate, its going to be hard to find a good hybrid board for what u want to achieve....

The gambler u are currently riding with boots is perfect for freestyle/wakestyle with big rocker and good flex for explosive pop....for big air and more freeride tricks you want less rocker and more stiffness.....

At 80 kegs, u should really be riding a smaller board....I'm 94 kegs and ride a 136 Jaime textreme, the smaller board is faster which helps for boosting....

I think the team series may suit u well for what u are trying to do but think seriously about dropping a size or two.....

As for ur landings, u can practice those for a butter soft landing everytime.....couple of tips:
Always bend ur rear knee, never land with the board flat....
Learn better kite control and loop on the way down....
If ya coming down hot, either kick ur board off or keep ya legs up out of the way....

Cheers and good winds!!

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27 Jul 2021 11:22AM
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Thanks for the advice mate.

I do downloop and have no issues butter landing on high jumps but but sometimes I land hard especially when I send kiteloops.

Really dropping a few sizes? Is the weight chart on duotone oversized?

Gambler is nice, but I've been riding it for the last 6-7 years, I think some progress in board design have been done meanwhile and I feel it is limiting me in height (difficult to hold a proper edge on chop while loading overpowered kite hard as it is bouncing around).

I have a very old ts from 2012,that board cut through the chops, but had a flat bottom which makes you bounce on landing, I think that is fixed with their bottom design now.


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