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Kite Impact Vest - with PFD 50N floatation rating.

Created by SaveTheWhales 2 months ago, 1 Aug 2021
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1 Aug 2021 9:42AM
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If your looking for a new Impact vest - I've just bought and involuntarily tested in our winter storms.
the latest release of the Forward Wip - Kompact 50N.

It has the padding in the right places, including the sides to suit kiting or foiling. After going for a jump, the top of a wave caught the tail of my board combined with a winter bullet gust, and sent me skywards in a very funky doomsday spin with that OHHH F feeling. Happy to say it has been my best investment - just in time, for my annual "Respect Mother Nature spanking'
From the foiling perspective, I tend to speed wobble and crash falling straight down onto the side of my rib cage, all good now its padded plus good flotation while fluffing about.

There are a few little things I really like about this vest, firstly I take a Large size and it is definitely a Large size - unlike some other weirdass sized brands.. Secondly - it has the 'Thin' lower stretchy neoprene with a buckle, to secure the waist area and lock it in under your harness wether it be a waist or seat harness... and its very comfortable to wear !!

If your a noob and want to kite this summer, put this at the top of your list - you'll be spending a lot of time in the water or over the handle bars :) peace of mind will help you to concentrate on what your instructor is teaching you

Thanks guys at ActionSports for telling me to wait until this particular model to arrive..


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"Kite Impact Vest - with PFD 50N floatation rating." started by SaveTheWhales