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Pulleys or Not, Airush lets you choose. Wave V8

Created by IanR A week ago, 12 Jul 2018
NSW, 784 posts
12 Jul 2018 2:31PM
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Looks like Airush are providing Two bridles with the lastest incarnation of the Wave.
Letting the rider choose which one they prefer.
Looking forward to reviews that try both bridles from some surf riding experts

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12 Jul 2018 6:52PM
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The kite looks really refined this year, can't wait to demo one

QLD, 1343 posts
Saturday , 14 Jul 2018 12:56PM
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Great kite to settle the pulleys vs no-pulleys debate that pops up every now & then.

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Saturday , 14 Jul 2018 3:30PM
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will be the next kite I buy. Never even considered airush before, frothing to have an extra bridal to experiment on.

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Sunday , 15 Jul 2018 8:30AM
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Hope Ozone has some amazing graphics and colors for the Reo V5. Hard to believe they will improve on the V4. One thing they could offer, and that changes the kite's feel and usability significantly, is line extensions. Those 25m lines really give range to the kite, but 23s make wave riding much better. Airush's pulley or not to pulley solution sounds interesting as it could make the kite into a true cross over kite, one that excels in waves and freeride. With a pulley, the slight delay in turn response and tighter back lines with a less on off depower might help boosting and be less fatiguing on long tacks with a twin tip. But without, will it be a Reo?! I might have to jump ship, again. I love my Reo, but this sounds quite promising!

WA, 6464 posts
Wednesday , 18 Jul 2018 7:31AM
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Wow how does one pimp the ozone Reo several times within a post on an Airush wave kite thread.

Just amazing really.

NSW, 784 posts
Thursday , 19 Jul 2018 6:01PM
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Hi Sewer Rat
Airush have for years provided lines with extensions to allow the rider to change length.
Have a look they have heaps of options with bars, not sure it's the same in USA.
Airush already have an amazing Cross over kite The Union 3.
It is a advanced kite though and requires good flight skills. When I watched the trimming video I didn't agree with what he said about knots in the back pigtails. I now ride with two, one for freestyle, one for Surf, and trim in from the freestyle knot to unhook.

The Wave though has always been a pure Wave kite.
What I think they are trying to achieve with the two bridles is give the rider options for conditions
If your lucky enough to ride cross off to cross shore pealing waves like One Eye at Le Morne you might really enjoy the fixed bridle. But you might also kite in onshore frontal beach break conditions like we get here at Wanda and prefer the pulleys. Or the other way around, Who knows

Here is something for your viewing pleasure


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