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Kiting waves

Created by Doomer > 9 months ago, 27 Feb 2020
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27 Feb 2020 3:27PM
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Just moved to port Adelaide from the west, where do people go to kite waves along the coast, happy to travel, bigger waves the better,
also any good Facebook kiting pages to join here in Adelaide

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3 Mar 2020 12:02AM
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Hey mate

Area between Middleton and Goolwa are the most reliable for waves, quality is not the greatest due to it being a beach break. Seaford in winter (generally) when the swell is from the west and the wind from the N-NW. Stormy's local around Henley to North Haven or Seacliff. Just need to check the restricted zones on the Metro coast though.

Re Facebook, SA Wave kiters and KSA Kiteboarding.

Cheers Croc

VIC, 517 posts
28 Mar 2020 9:28AM
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How far you prepared to travel? Some great spots if you wanna travel 3+hrs


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