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North Haven

Created by gmitton 3 months ago, 21 Nov 2023
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21 Nov 2023 6:12PM
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To those kiters new to north haven please go right up or down wind and stay out of the windsurfers way. There are a hell of a lot more of us and we have far less manoeuvrability than you. Also give way when you are on a wave like you are meant to (consistent with windsurf rules worldwide)..

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25 Nov 2023 11:58AM
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Hi Geoff,

thanks for the feedback.

I was going to say the same thing about the windsurfers who couldn't work out if they were on port or starboard and the ones that would consistently blast at me on port tack while I was on a wave..

And all craft give way to anyone while they are on the wave.. Port or starboard, not the wave rider gives way... I'm not sure where you got that one from?

Just be stoked everyone is out having fun and keep a lookout for everyone.

See you up there next time there's plenty of wind!!


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