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Returning to Parham

Created by SpawnofFossl 8 months ago, 21 Jan 2021
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21 Jan 2021 8:32PM
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Looking to come back to the sport after a long break (about 6 years I think).

Keen to get back into it but figured it may not be wise to go out solo for a while. Is there anyone that still frequents Parham?

Just looking for someone to kite with and keep an eye out if it all goes pear shaped.

Will be looking to do weekends. Can kite as low as 15 knots on my 17m if needed.

Can probably do Largs Bay at a pinch but do enjoy walking back to my board over swimming

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22 Jan 2021 3:43PM
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Hey Bro,
I kite largs as a local spot plenty, but work near parham (25min away) I am keen to kite there if I can find someone to meet there as needed.
I need a bit more wind I only fly a 12mtr orbit (10 for bigger winds) i enjoy 20+ ideally
Thanks be in touch


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"Returning to Parham" started by SpawnofFossl