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Sand Mining

Created by PhilC > 9 months ago, 30 Sep 2020
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30 Sep 2020 11:25AM
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attention Kiteys

Yesterday I heard some disturbing news that will effect us all.

I received a letter informing residents the government will commence sand mining (20 000 cu M) between the Semaphore and Largs jetties between Oct 12 and Nov 6.

This is an area where launching is banned. However accourding to a Save our Shores spokesperson, the group has received communication from the government that 60 000 cubic metres of sand will be removed from the beach north of the largs jetty ( involving some 14 000 truck movements) commencing 2021.

This however, will be devastating and certainly affect kitesurfers.

I urge you to contact


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"Sand Mining" started by PhilC