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General Invitation - Sunday 30 September - Surfers Paradise

Created by Clairesy 2 months ago, 27 Aug 2018
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27 Aug 2018 11:11AM
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Hey there,

Thanks for the add to the community. I am organising the Jewel International Kite Festival on Sunday 30 September 2018. This will be held on the beach in front of the Jewel development. I wanted to let everyone know about it in case the weather is right for a kite surf as it would be an awesome addition to the day to add kites out on the water as well as in the sky!

The event will run from 11am -7.00pm and will offer free workshops for kids and families, food trucks, a lantern parade and of course a sky full of amazing kites (fingers crossed!)

Hope to see you there!

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2 Sep 2018 8:50AM
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Please correct me if I'm wrong here Clairesy, you want us Kiters to come down and join your Kite Festival on Surfers Paradise Beach in front of The Jewel, Luxury, Multi Storey, Highrise Development that is mainly Developed to be sold off to International Investors that overshadows our glorious beach for us to help support you in promoting the International Developers, Ugly Monstrosity, Exploitive Density, Astronomical Priced, Unafordable to most, Building ? Can you give us some compelling reasons why we should do this?

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11 Sep 2018 6:52PM
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Because im bringing my Nanna who is on a foil to kick all the Goldie arse!!!


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"General Invitation - Sunday 30 September - Surfers Paradise" started by Clairesy