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Created by FoS > 9 months ago, 13 Mar 2019
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13 Mar 2019 5:01PM
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Looking for some assistance restarting the TKSA, in the hopes of having it running for next season.
Positions are all open - I will probably take on secretary while I get the legal incorporation completed but happy to step aside.
Interested in any volunteers.

Other tasks/positions will be
Treasurer - to watch the bank balance and report once a year
President - Figure head to shout the benefits of TKSA
Committee - Up to 8 people interested in participating in discussions and voting on resolutions.
This will be via email or similar

The committee and officer bearers will discuss via email or whats app group important topics throughout the year
There will be one meet up each year (AGM)
Location TBA
- committee will be formally voted
- Schedule for coming year
- Treasurers statement
- other business

Anyone interested post below or PM me.
As a former Windsurfing Tas Treasurer I have some ideas to make this painless.
Total commitment for committee is around 1 hour per month and 1 day per year if meeting is at other end of the state.

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14 Mar 2019 5:24PM
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Count me in FOS.

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16 Mar 2019 10:20AM
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Thanks Barry

As mentioned on Whats app, I have the incorporation documentation ready for submission, all I need is to fill out the office bearers.

I have taken on the roles of secretary, auditor and public officer unless someone else is interested, these are the posistions with the most administrative work.

I need someone to volunteer for

We would also like to have some committee representatives - to assist with any events or planning.
The idea is to get a cross section of the kiting community in Tasmania.
No Experience required for any positions, just some passion and a positive 'tude.

Someone interested in taking on the website would be great. No IT skills required.

My thoughts are how awesome to have a full day kiting on the Tasmanian coast with like minded people and then enjoy a beer afterwards while we lie about how good we were- "Nah it was epic, you must have missed that one :-) "

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16 Mar 2019 6:45PM
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Awesome one volunteer for the committee

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23 Mar 2019 5:36PM
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Awesome more volunteers,
I still need office bearers.

The tasks are really not ownerous, maybe a hour or so a month in season, and basically forget about it over winter.

The benefits and opportunities to you as an individual are great, and to kite surfing in Tassie huge.

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25 Mar 2019 3:15PM
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I think it's awesome you are looking to revive TKSA. Good on you

I love the idea of contributing. I worry about the reality of my ability to do it - I am often out of contact for long periods, and so any important duties I would not be able to fulfill. But if having a name on a piece of paper in my absence is useful, then I'm in

But I won't go on whatsapp.

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26 Mar 2019 7:18AM
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Thanks Brady,
Im after diverse people, so the whats app thing is ok.
Perhaps a committee posisition is better suited.

I was thinking a tele conference or skype call ifnwe needed to meet statewide.
Mostly i thought things could be discussed via a chat board or similar, reducing the need for constant interaction.

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26 Mar 2019 11:19AM
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please copy the link below to subscribe for a committee or office bearer!forum/ducksnuts

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1 Apr 2019 2:37PM
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So - Is there any interest at all in getting this going.

I am after a social club to organise some events and get togethers.
Lots of beer

Reply if your interested in having a club

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25 Jun 2019 5:13PM
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Obviously been a while since i've been in the forum, i'd love to help if I can.
email me tinka67 at hotmail dot com

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11 Jul 2019 7:06AM
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Hi Tinka,

Thanks for your interest

Ive dropped this for now. The lack of interest in organised kiting opportunities appears to have won.

Having said that, if someone does want to organise a GPS comp or wave comp let me know, i can certainly help out with the admin etc.

I think it would be awesome to do a downwinder of 20 to 50 kites from tranmere to the regatta grounds in a sth easter.


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