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Coffs Harbour Kiting Catch Up

Created by DEECEE > 9 months ago, 28 Jan 2020
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28 Jan 2020 4:26PM
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Hi everyone.

My daughter is playing in the OzTag state titles in Coffs Harbour next week Friday 7th Feb - Sunday 9th Feb, and rather than standing around all day in the hot sun (I'll let the missus do that ), I figured I may as well take the kites up and have a crack on the mid north coast - weather and wind permitting.

I'm an intermediate (at best) kiter used to flat water spots in Sydney, and I'm hoping there may be some friendly locals up there that may want to catch up for a kite (and / or a beer), and maybe point me in the right direction in regards to some decent kiting spots. I'm staying right on Sapphire Beach, so if it's suitable, and, or, recommended, I could almost be tempted to give the surf a crack at my back door.

If anyone is interested in a catch up, kite, tasty beverage, or anything else, please let me know when and where, and hopefully we can make it happen.

Cheers in advance



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"Coffs Harbour Kiting Catch Up" started by DEECEE