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Advice for Edithvale

Created by montoya 9 months ago, 3 Jan 2021
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3 Jan 2021 9:20PM
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Hi all
Going to Edithvale / Chelsea tomorrow to kiteboard. Havent been there before. I usually kite on the other side of the bay. Any advice? Best place to launch and land? Where is beach widest for rigging? Hazards? Car parks? Etc?

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4 Jan 2021 10:23AM
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Lots of open beach unless we have big westerlies and then there may be none. There are a lot of new yellow poles installed in the water, some of these also indicate no water craft at all including kites this includes out the front of Gnotuk car park, Edithvale and Chelsea life saving clubs.
otherwise keep an eye out and you will see groups spread out along the coast from Watsons near Mordialloc all the way down to Keast park at Seaford and beyond to Frankston


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"Advice for Edithvale" started by montoya