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Foiling point Henry

Created by speedy87 > 9 months ago, 1 Mar 2020
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1 Mar 2020 9:49PM
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Can I foil at point Henry or does any body foil there?looking for new foiling locations around that side of the bay.keen to hear from the guys who foil that side

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8 Mar 2020 9:00PM
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Hey speedy.
I have foiled once at clifton springs from beach left of boat ramp.
Was good . Had to walk out ? 75m.was northerly.
I know others go out at portarlington near the miniature railway . Dont think you are allowed to kite from main beach.
I would like to go at henry but probably need to walk out a long long way to get deep enough.

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26 Aug 2020 7:40PM
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I've heard its really bad foiling there - too much weed

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28 Aug 2020 9:19PM
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I've been going there regularly for years and never seen anyone foil there. I wish, as I would get into it if you could.
As Murray said very weedy and shallow . Hi tide would work but you would still have to wade out a far way and still got the weed.
Me and all the other windsurfers have to use weed fins here, so a foil would catch lots of weed. Compare it to foiling at say Altona.


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