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Found kite, line and bar 5-10km south of Greenhead

Created by mc_sim 4 months ago, 13 Jan 2022
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13 Jan 2022 9:30PM
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I'm a Windsurfer and found a kite with lines and bar while doing a massive upwind run from Greenhead today (13/01/22) South of Greenhead on the beach (I have GPS co-ordinate if need be). I couldn't retrieve the kite (that was ripped) as it was too far for me to carry and getting late, but have the lines and bar. It was a North Rebel 10 kite.

I burried the kite with seaweed on the beach. There is a track that is not far from the location of the kite.
Please contact me if you are the owner so I can return to you the bar and lines and give you more info on the location of your kite.
I reckon the kite potentially came from Jurien Bay? I don't know.

Hope the owner is also safe and sound.
Please contact me on my mobile 0431212740

Bit fishy
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14 Jan 2022 12:15PM
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Good on ya Max. It's not mine or anyone I know , but I appreciate your effort mate .


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"Found kite, line and bar 5-10km south of Greenhead" started by mc_sim