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Peppermint Grove Beach

Created by LovingMom 9 months ago, 28 Jul 2021
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28 Jul 2021 1:28AM
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Hi guys, I'm looking at renting a place in Peppermint Grove Beach and wondering if my son will find some great spots to kite surf up as far as Mandurah and down as far as Yallingyup. I'm travelling from Canada and wanting to give him a holiday that he'll love after not being able to see us for over two years.........spots recommended would be great.
I've read that there are places you can't kitesurfing but if you can tell me where he can - it'd be great if it's the beach right outside our back door!!
Thanks again

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29 Jul 2021 8:16AM
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I haven't heard about anyone kiting at peppermint grove beach but locals would know if it's a good/authorized kite spot.

There is definitely a couple of kiting spot in Australind/Leschenault estuary but same locals would be able to tell you if it's a wave or flat water.
In Mandurah you have the estuary for flat water and avalon (the ocean side of the eastuary) for waves.

The kiting season is from October to March though, you can kite in winter but it's storm kiting, not the nicest conditions and requires to have a decent level of kiting.

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29 Jul 2021 10:53AM
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Peppy grove beach can be OK, but it faces more north than you might think, so ok on a westerly / north westerly wind.
For south westerly winds Bunbury cut and Biningup are go to spots (as well as Leschanault estuary as already mentioned for flat water)

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30 Jul 2021 3:24PM
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Theres great kiting in that region.
Depending on the wind,
Dunsborough in NW, W an SW,
Bunbury many options. SW through to NW at the estuary, BP, or the cut. Plus koombana bay
Gnarabup great spot SW through to NW
Augusta S to SE


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