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Safety issues in Mandurah / Avalon

Created by Andrash 4 months ago, 16 Dec 2021
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16 Dec 2021 4:39PM
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After a good 10 years of kiting at Brighton / Trigg, this is my third season in Mandurah / Avalon. I love the place. I usually launch from the small and sandy mid car park area so not many people know me personally. It's been all friendly and laid back out there up until this season.

In the past few sessions, I had to notice one particular kiter (always the same) trying to run me down, ignoring any right of way rules, cutting in when I am on a wave and then screaming at me. I am deaf, so I can't hear what he is screaming. All I can see is that he is quite agitated and what he is doing is outright dangerous. I have not experienced such aggressive behaviour from a kiter in my over 20 years kiting. not even in Sumbawa or Mauritius where things can heat up when it gets busy.

I have been able to avoid collisions so far, but less experienced kiters may not be so lucky, and it is only the matter of time before someone gets injured.

All I know is that the guy's name is Pete, he is on a twintip, and he is a regular at the south end parking area. I don't know if he is a "Seabreezer", so I ask his friends or whoever knows him to tell him to sort out his issues (with me and with anyone else) on the beach in a friendly manner and keep kiting in Avalon safe.

I hope, common sense prevails, and we all have fun out there.

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16 Dec 2021 5:57PM
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Twintip waveriders, 'nuff said!


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"Safety issues in Mandurah / Avalon" started by Andrash