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Death of my son

Created by geordieboy 6 months ago, 17 Dec 2021
WA, 13 posts
22 Dec 2021 6:06PM
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Oh no. That is terrible. Thoughts are with you

WA, 7 posts
23 Dec 2021 5:19AM
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I'm so sorry to hear this sad news condolences to you and your family

23 Dec 2021 8:50AM
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Such sad news. Condolences to you and your entire family at this difficult time.

NSW, 1 posts
23 Dec 2021 9:43AM
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RIP Alex. Condolences to his family and friends. The next session is for him!

WA, 13 posts
23 Dec 2021 8:04AM
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No words can make the pain disappear,
No actions can help ease the sorrow,
Know that there is a community behind you that are all thinking of you, and wishing there was something we could do.
My deepest condolences. Thank you for sharing your grief with us, and I hope that in some small way it has lightened your burden.

SA, 7 posts
23 Dec 2021 9:56AM
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So sorry to hear this, totally heart breaking! I am a father too and can't even begin to imagine your pain, so sorry for your loss.

NSW, 157 posts
23 Dec 2021 1:15PM
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Such a tragedy. Condolences to family and friends.

NSW, 1 posts
24 Dec 2021 1:12PM
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Geordieboy. I wish you and your family strength and ultimately acceptance of this untimely loss. I thank you sincerely for sharing and hope it saves other lives, as we sometimes forget how dangerous the sport can be and how quickly things can happen. We have all made misjudgments of distance, speed, timing etc and your post serves as a perfect reminder to us all as we search for and push our limits, to err a little on the safe side. You gave your son the ultimate opportunity - the gift of freedom to enjoy a sport he loved. Cherish his years and experiences and keep him in your heart until you meet again. My heart and thoughts go out to you. Know that there are many people who care, in the kite community and again I thank you wholeheartedly for unselfishly sharing your post so that we all can learn from it. Stay strong and don't ask what if. Try to take comfort in the knowledge that it was a good decision to share a sport with your son. Not every man gets to do that. I wish you safe journeys and inner peace in the times ahead.

NSW, 324 posts
24 Dec 2021 10:55PM
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I can't imagine what you're going through, and all I can offer is condolences. I'm sorry for your loss.

VIC, 528 posts
26 Dec 2021 10:28AM
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Sorry to hear and my condolences to you and your family.

QLD, 18 posts
26 Dec 2021 3:24PM
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It's tragic what your son & family have gone through. You know in your mind & body what you need to recover from this. Good luck my friend in achieving this. Thank you for reminding us to consider what we are doing. We all need that.

WA, 8849 posts
29 Dec 2021 9:46PM
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Mate I do everything with my son. Christ got no words. except take really extra good care of yourself mate. Immerse yourself with those that love you and your son.

QLD, 227 posts
30 Dec 2021 9:11AM
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Can't imagine what your going through I have tears reading this as I kite with my son all the time, Condolences to family and friends.

WA, 3 posts
31 Dec 2021 4:07PM
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My condolences and prayers to you and your family Eddy. I saw you and your boy having a wonderful time in the harbour early December.
I will remember that image of Alex flying freely.

QLD, 2 posts
31 Dec 2021 7:14PM
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Thank you for allowing us to share in your loss and journey. I hope you get to celebrate your son often with your family and friends and connect with him in your heart and mind as he would wish for you.

VIC, 869 posts
2 Jan 2022 12:50AM
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mate i can feel are pain. From the boys from tribe carew and james storm carew we understand the love for our sons . RIP Heart destroyed for the ones left behind

WA, 221 posts
9 Jan 2022 10:15PM
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hi all
as Alex's funeral is now only a short time away , I would like to thank you all for messages and emails we have received and the support that you all have given. I have read every single one and been touched by them all . its a very sad time for our family and close friends of Alex but knowing that people are thinking of us helps
like a lot of you have said, I hope that we can all take an extra careful look around the area we kite and sus out any dangers that may not be so obvious and if you do see something that's not 100% then maybe think again
thanks fellow kiters stay safe
cheers Eddy

3 posts
15 Jan 2022 3:52PM
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What a terrible tragedy! I am so sorry. letting us all know is a very good reminder to wear a helmet.
I wish all the best for your family. xx

84 posts
6 Feb 2022 2:21AM
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Prayers from Little Rhody USA, so sorry to hear

WA, 7 posts
19 Jun 2022 9:11AM
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Nice to meet you mate, I can still see the pain you are feeling. An absolute tragedy. Best wished Darren & Debbie


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