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Flysurfer Soul 2, 10m

Created by ActionSportsWA > 9 months ago, 21 Sep 2021
WA, 861 posts
21 Sep 2021 11:58AM
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Hey Peeps,

I had my first ride on the new FS Soul 2 10m kite yesterday in 6-10 knot winds on the river in a shifty Easterly. After racing foils for the last three years, I am taking a break from racing and am going to freeride. I have found passion for boosting, twin tipping and free foiling again
I'm currently about 93kg and 6'3" and a very experienced kiter and foiler.

I chose to ride the new Core SLC 1000 foil with the Core Foil Board. I am going to be running a one kite quiver this year, one twin tip and one foil unless I grow a wild hair and jump back on the race gear.

Just for ease of use, one twinny, one small foil and one kite will make life easy. I ran 20m lines for the light wind session. I launched in about 4-6 knots. I struggled to get the kite up initially as there was almost no wind at ground level and as I haven't kited in 5 months, I didn't even check the trim on the bar (which was depowered), so the wingtips were stubborn in opening in the uber light wind. Once I realised and let the depower out, the tips popped open and the kite easily climbed to zenith where it sat perfectly in the light wind.

A double downloop and a pump from the foil and I was up and away. The next couple of hours were spend foiling in ultra light to light winds having a great time. The amount of power available when down looping the kite was quite impressive. Several times the wind dropped so light I couldn't even start with a downloop, but the kite hung in the air displaying incredible stability when the rear lines went limp a few times but the kite refused to fall.

In the stronger gusts (~10-12 knots), I was able to jump fairly high considering the light breeze and the float was good.

I'm now waiting for a strong wind day to go twin tipping for big air. I'll add to this review when that happens.

The stuff I noticed when comparing the Flysurfer Soul 2 kite to the original Soul is the stability, the power and the ability to just hang in almost no wind. Very happy with this kite so far.


WA, 1825 posts
24 Sep 2021 5:09PM
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Good to hear your getting back to our original reason for kiting.. just pure fun and sharing the smiles on the beach
In 15-20 knots with all that hang time on the new 10 Soul,
I'll bring my 11m Sonic and a few tinnies - crack one open while we are waiting to come down :)

QLD, 1007 posts
17 Dec 2021 9:42AM
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Great review DM. One of the reasons why I am considering getting one - 12m up here should suffice. Sorry, through Marvin though
Still a twinner here. Can't justify cost for foiling - yet.

VIC, 14 posts
31 Jul 2022 7:51AM
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Hi. It looks like you're getting the 10m going in very light conditions. What role do you see for the larger Souls? Or are you just able to get the 10m going based on advanced experience?

WA, 861 posts
2 Aug 2022 9:48AM
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Hi Jimm,

The thing with foil kites when foiling, is you only need enough power to water start. The 10m Soul, being a smaller kite, has good speed and power and can easily be downlooped or double downlooped to get going in well under 10 knots.

Once you have enough power to get you to your feet and then pump up onto the foil, clearing the board from the water, the kite needs very little power to tow you along. Foil kites in particular develop apparent wind power very quickly as opposed to tube kites. So when you add the two together, a 10m Soul which realistically has the power to pull like a 12m inflatable, provides enough power to pull you up to your feet where you can pump the board a few times to break free of the water and then begin foiling. This decreases the drag enough to allow the kite to accelerate the foil and then start producing apparent wind which can be far greater than the relative wind power. Ah, the beauty of foiling!

Oh, and I have considerable kiting and foiling skills which doesn't hurt either

The larger Souls are more for heavier riders or anyone twin tipping in lighter winds. The power of the 18 or 21 Soul is a thing to behold. My 21m VMG Race foil kite will literally loft me from the water like a paraglider in 15 knots.



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