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Created by geordieboy 3 months ago, 26 Nov 2023
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26 Nov 2023 9:36AM
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Where is the best place to kite in Carnarvon I'm up here for a few days

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26 Nov 2023 12:24PM
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In the town area ..
the mangroves on port side near yacht club launch

Or you can launch other side really (Babbage?) At that inland point by driving around ..
Multi launch spots there ! Depends on your tacking ability
Also there's a track more N of the redundant Jettie. There are estuaries there ..&..high tide leads to open choppie ocean

Flat water people love that puddle in the middle . Watch your fins(including estuary north of jetty)... No idea how the foilers get along there now ?
To be honest if I were you I would just go up to quobba
personally I would never even bother with Carnarvon again it sucks.....'yawn'?? but that's just me
The group downwinder people launch from further south I think



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